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Fire Alarm & Mass Notification

Ace Technologies, LLC Fire Alarm & Mass Notification

Fire Alarm & Mass Notification

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We know a lot about fire alarm systems. Big or small. Enterprise or light commercial. Networked. Stand alone. Installation. Service. Design. We do it all, and well. We work with the biggest names in fire detection to keep your employees and equipment safe. Our fire alarm technicians drive modern, stocked service vehicles with the latest test equipment and a cloud-based dispatch system. Just to prove how serious we are, we’re active members of NFPA, NICET and UL. We don’t sleep well when people aren’t safe. Want to see some of our most awesome fire alarm projects? Click here

Ever wonder about mass notification? That’s okay, most people don’t, but if you do, we’re the people to ask. We understand it. Mass Notification is quickly becoming a partner to fire alarm, and they often work hand in hand to alert employees, students, staff and others of an emergency situation. Mass notification leverages building systems, both existing and new, to get valuable information broadcast efficiently and quickly to both targeted and general areas of your facility.