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Services (cool stuff we do)

Ace Technologies, LLC Services (cool stuff we do)

Services (cool stuff we do)

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Ace Technologies is a full service integrator.

What is a full service integrator? What does that really mean? These are great questions. Let’s answer them!

in·te·gra·tor: ˈin(t)əˌɡrādər/a company that markets commercial integrated software and hardware systems. That’s Ace Technologies. Our roots are industrial controls, starting in 1997, when we were steadily involved with the upkeep and automation of industrial control systems. Remember the “tech bubble” that ruptured around 2000? That changed things. We were forced to adapt. We did it well, through managed growth, in a concerted effort to add the right employees in the right places. Today, after 18 years of this pattern, we have become the premiere integration company in the southeast.

Our roots were industrial controls, but we grew into telecom, then fire alarm/mass notification, CCTV, and networking. However, we have not stopped there. Technology is constantly evolving and with that, businesses evolve. This is where we come in. We are the link between the business and technology. We eat, breathe, and sleep technology. It’s what we love!