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Projects – Valdosta State University

Ace Technologies, LLC Projects – Valdosta State University

Projects – Valdosta State University

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  • VSU contracted with Ace Technologies to up-grade the fire alarm reporting system throughout the campus. This state-of-the- art monitoring system connects to the fire alarm panel in 36 campus building and sends alarm information to a central monitoring station at the Campus Police Department. In the event of an alarm, information (including the ability to see the actual fire alarm device reporting the alarm inside a computer-generated floor plan of the building) is available immediately to VSU safety personnel on a touch-screen monitor. This type of reporting system is essential to relaying important information quickly to fire departments and first responders. This product is available from Edwards System Technology and is called “FireWorks”.  Ace Technologies is a certified dealer and installer of Edwards System Technology equipment.

  • Ace Technologies and Pelco was asked to retrofit their existing security cameras system with an Enterprise-grade IP Surveillance System. It was ultimately decided that the Endura platform, by Pelco, was the best fit.  The Endura solution is designed for WAN and Enterprise environments where reliability, redundancy, and quality are the top priorities. Unlike the average CCTV system, the Endura Platform relies on the owner’s existing network infrastructure and is able to take full advantage of emerging network topologies. This project consisted of a new CCTV head end, including several new servers for both management and video, various encoders, decoders, and control surfaces, for management and access. To date, nearly 200TB of storage capacity have been added, with more planned. In the field, over 150 cameras, ranging from 90 to 360 degrees, have been strategically placed in the residence halls, parking decks, and administration facilities, in an effort to increase the safety of VSU students, staff and faculty.

  • We overhauled the fire alarm systems in Lowndes Hall and Patterson Hall at Valdosta State University. The scope of work consisted of the demolition of the existing (outdated) fire alarm system and engineering and installing a new system in the two dormitory buildings that is compatible with current codes.  The new Edwards EST-3 System was then tied into the new campus fireworks-graphic monitoring system located in the Public Safety building.  The project was completed in the two months the students were away on summer break.

  • We supplied and installed the fire alarm system in the new Health, Science and Business Facility at Valdosta State University. This new 4 story facility is a long awaited feature at the university built next to the local hospital. Students in the nursing field will have access to all of the latest medical equipment and facility training while working in a very impressive building. This facility is now equipped with the EST3 Fire alarm system designed with the latest mass notification design in mind. The system has over 300 speakers in this facility and can easily notify the occupants of any emergency with either a recorded or live voice. The System is tied into the campus “Fire Works” network, where it is monitored with the latest graphic annunciation.